Please take into account the following:

  • The school starts July 21st which gives plenty of room for the current situation to improve.
  • The act of applying signifies no compromise on your side to attend. Only after the acceptance emails are issued (decision on April 22nd) you will know if you have been accepted. Even if you are accepted, you will still have to confirm that you wish to attend, register and pay.

The early registration period ends on June 30th. If the situation was still uncertain by then we would also consider other measures such as delaying that date.

The application period starts on February 3d and closes March 22th. You can apply here.

The decisions of acceptance/rejection will been sent on April 22nd.

Early Registration: April 23th to June 30th. Registration will close July 17th. NOTE: Only students that have applied and have been officially accepted can register.

We collected the most frequent questions and answers here. We also include on that page a contact email in case you additional questions.


The early and late (between parenthesis) fees are the following

  • 300 EUR for students (350 EUR)
  • 350 EUR for university professors or researchers at a public institute (400 EUR)
  • 500 EUR for everyone else (600 EUR)

It covers:

  • Full participation in lectures and practical sessions
  • Lunch, coffee breaks and banquet


In partnership with our sponsoring companies, we provide a limited number of scholarships. You can apply for these by selecting the appropriate options on the application form. See our FAQ for more details.