The application deadline is April 15th, 2014. To apply, please fill this application form (to be avaliable soon). Questions should be directed to: (to be avaliable soon).


Registration instructions will be sent by email after the application period is over.


Attendees who need an Invitation Letter for applying to a Visa to travel to Portugal should send us the following information:

  • full name;
  • passport information: number, issue date and place, and expiration date;
  • the address to which you would like the Invitation Letter to be sent to.


March 1st – April 15th

May 15th

Early Registration
May 15th – June 15th

Summer School
July 22nd-29th


The registration fee for all activities is:

  • 250 EUR for students (late registration: 300 EUR)
  • 300 EUR for professors or researchers affiliated to a university (late registration: 350 EUR)
  • 350 EUR for everyone else (late registration: 400 EUR)

It covers:

  • Full participation in lectures and practical sessions
  • Lunch, coffee breaks and banquet

NOTE: A discount of 50 EUR applies to all prices above for those who are not attending the lab sessions.


We appreciate the support from Google and Priberam, thanks to which a limited number of scholarships will be provided. Detailed instructions about how to apply will be posted shortly.

  • In partnership with Google, we will provide a limited number of grants that cover the registration. The grants may cover travel, accommodation, and registration expenses. Only PhD and Post-Doc students are eligible (priority will be given to PhD students). Grants will be given according to the relevance of the applicant’s work in the fields of machine learning and natural language processing.
  • Priberam will also provide grants covering the registration (no travel expenses will be covered by these grants). Any master student from a Portuguese institution is eligible, as long as she/he does not have any affiliation to a lab that could provide the funding. Preference will be given to early-year students who have top academic performance and interests in machine learning and/or natural language processing.
  • Amazon’s Berlin Machine Learning organization is also proud to sponsor selected students from Europe to attend LxMLS. PhD and Post Doc students from Europe may apply. Preference for the scholarship will be given to students having relevant work in the areas of machine learning or natural language processing

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